Sivas village

Sivas village

The village Sivas is 60km away from Heraklion and is located in South Crete.

It is a beautiful, small, traditional, Cretan village, which has been characterized as preservable by the Ministry of Culture. It has got beautiful stone-built houses with many carved blazons and nice arched doors. It has also got a great tradition in the cultivation of high quality bio-products and especially olive.

It is the birthplace of the prose writer Themos Kornaros.

It is located 60km south-west of Heraklion and in a small distance out of the road for Matala and has about 400 residents.

The first thing that somebody meets when one gets in the village is a beautiful and characteristic spring exactly next to the church of Hagia Marina (which is celebrated on 17th July). The walk to the sights of the village has to start from the square ,where the old building of the primary school built in 1864 dominates with its presence, and can continue with a nice, flavored coffee at a traditional coffee house.

Next to the Primary school and built at about the same time (1864) is the church of Hagios Ioannis, which is devoted to the memory of the beheading of John the Baptist and which is celebrated on 29th August. The temple has a nice woodcut icon screen and wonderful icons of the famous painter of holy icons Ioannis Stathakis.

The village has about 400 residents.